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It’s only a lie that have got two versions Truth has got one.

Politics is nowadays Wich-hunt. No one including religion fundamentalists and the political class has astounding credentials to be understood as metric for ethics.

Hatred is a strong word to describe how I feel about fellow human kind though I have an unhealthy passion with anyone who categorize themselves as members of specific race, specific political party, or any other specific form of partial system, including religion. They breed violence by being agents of divide and rule. That impulsive social attitude of we against them has heightened to extreme levels .

Dear humankind, I beg you focus in making yourselves better versions of yourselves. Understand the natural law of morality and uphold ethics. I know to some I might be not courteous but youths utilize your time improving quality of your lives. That form of energy you use sweating to please is equivalent to that which can transform your life and can subsequently be used to generate lucrative business ideas or creative arts.

Walk alone when making magnificent decisions and still have it in mind that teamwork is the only way you will be able to serve your purpose in the universe.

I apologize for using words I, and you .’ I’ may mean ego and you may be criticizing. I like communicating with a mind that is aware of it’s infinite nature and my prevailing intention was to metaphorically draw your attention and compel you to create a mental picture of me communicating directly to you.

Picture by; Kevin Carter, a South African photojournalist, won the Pulitzer Prize for this photograph in 1994 and committed suicide three months later. It’s assumed that it’s due to his guilt for not helping this Sudanese girl reach a feeding centre. He was a hired journalist and his only role was to take footage. No one knows what happened later because the vulture was waiting with confidence for kid to die so it can eat her.

Published by mindreprogramme

An independent author/publisher with a change initiating mind , with an intention to shift humanitarian opinion structures, from misleading ideological errors to declaration of self independence

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