We are in the midst of something that most of us have never seen before.
Our world is so incredibly divided that it feels like making sense of anything that’s going on has become near impossible.

To make things even tougher, efforts exist from various sources that aim to purposefully mislead people into further confusion.
Take COVID for example, have you heard anything from mainstream media about how you can boost your immune system and take care of your health during this current pandemic? I haven’t it feels like all we have been told is that treatments are ‘unfounded’ and ‘baseless.’

For me, it feels like only a vaccine, and no other form of care, can do anything against this virus according to mainstream ideas. But this doesn’t seem true.

This type of culture in our mainstream is seen for many other common diseases and health challenges as well.

Thousands of studies are now showing that many “alternative” medicines and therapies (that many doctors don’t know about) are FAR superior for the majority of chronic health conditions that we suffer from…

The only problem is that, it’s like we are being conditioned to be dependent on specific way of doing things.

dont they understand the infinity of human mind?

Published by mindreprogramme

An independent author/publisher with a change initiating mind , with an intention to shift humanitarian opinion structures, from misleading ideological errors to declaration of self independence

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