Its too unfortunate when reality becomes stranger than fiction.
Unconventional thinkers, are facing it too hard to expand humanity conscious in a society where people have been programmed to meet someone’s expectations to an extent that they forget to live for themselves and can only think about things like, ‘my bills’, approvals and suitability.
I mean asking yourself questions like, am I fit for this? Will society credit me for this?. If it were me I could have asked myself first what are the benefits of that approval or such a social validation.
    My dear ladies and gentlemen, this life is yours alone, and the creative source has held you accountable of your every actions. Why do we have to leave in an illusion that there are those who who decides what is right for us? And our minds have potential to think as much as we can’t even imagine. Why don’t we embrace our free will and go where your heart takes you? Instead of following a curriculum that is designed and forcefully dictated by a wicked and a corrupt system, a system that can imprison you for punishing your kid but can fund a war to have your kid massacred.  A system that keeps cures a top secret so they can sell medicine at lucrative prices, a system that disseminates an illusion that cancer is a disease yet its their business considering how profitable chemotherapy is.
I wish we could all awaken, do our will and watch at them with a flexible attention.

Published by mindreprogramme

An independent author/publisher with a change initiating mind , with an intention to shift humanitarian opinion structures, from misleading ideological errors to declaration of self independence

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