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It’s only a lie that have got two versions Truth has got one.

Politics is nowadays Wich-hunt. No one including religion fundamentalists and the political class has astounding credentials to be understood as metric for ethics.

Hatred is a strong word to describe how I feel about fellow human kind though I have an unhealthy passion with anyone who categorize themselves as members of specific race, specific political party, or any other specific form of partial system, including religion. They breed violence by being agents of divide and rule. That impulsive social attitude of we against them has heightened to extreme levels .

Dear humankind, I beg you focus in making yourselves better versions of yourselves. Understand the natural law of morality and uphold ethics. I know to some I might be not courteous but youths utilize your time improving quality of your lives. That form of energy you use sweating to please is equivalent to that which can transform your life and can subsequently be used to generate lucrative business ideas or creative arts.

Walk alone when making magnificent decisions and still have it in mind that teamwork is the only way you will be able to serve your purpose in the universe.

I apologize for using words I, and you .’ I’ may mean ego and you may be criticizing. I like communicating with a mind that is aware of it’s infinite nature and my prevailing intention was to metaphorically draw your attention and compel you to create a mental picture of me communicating directly to you.

Picture by; Kevin Carter, a South African photojournalist, won the Pulitzer Prize for this photograph in 1994 and committed suicide three months later. It’s assumed that it’s due to his guilt for not helping this Sudanese girl reach a feeding centre. He was a hired journalist and his only role was to take footage. No one knows what happened later because the vulture was waiting with confidence for kid to die so it can eat her.



We are in the midst of something that most of us have never seen before.
Our world is so incredibly divided that it feels like making sense of anything that’s going on has become near impossible.

To make things even tougher, efforts exist from various sources that aim to purposefully mislead people into further confusion.
Take COVID for example, have you heard anything from mainstream media about how you can boost your immune system and take care of your health during this current pandemic? I haven’t it feels like all we have been told is that treatments are ‘unfounded’ and ‘baseless.’

For me, it feels like only a vaccine, and no other form of care, can do anything against this virus according to mainstream ideas. But this doesn’t seem true.

This type of culture in our mainstream is seen for many other common diseases and health challenges as well.

Thousands of studies are now showing that many “alternative” medicines and therapies (that many doctors don’t know about) are FAR superior for the majority of chronic health conditions that we suffer from…

The only problem is that, it’s like we are being conditioned to be dependent on specific way of doing things.

dont they understand the infinity of human mind?

Locust invasion: UN warning for Ethiopia, Kenya, Eritrea and Sudan

The UN has said that if an Ethiopian locust infestation is not brought under control then the crop-devouring insect could “invade” neighbouring countries.

The Ethiopian government has called for “immediate action” to deal with the problem affecting four of the country’s nine states, a UN statement said.

In northern Amhara state some farmers have lost “nearly 100%” of their crop of the staple grain, teff , it added.

Efforts to control the infestation have so far not been effective.

The authorities’ work has also been affected by “ongoing insecurity” in some areas of the country, according to the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO).

“We need to act fast and mobilise the required resources urgently to scale up control and preventive measures,” FAO Ethiopia representative Fatouma Seid said.

Last week, the government said it had sent planes to the affected areas to try to deal with the problem from the air.

Image copyrightFAOMan spraying area with locusts
Image captionThe control measures in place have failed to stop the locusts spreading

Overall, the desert locusts have devoured crops and pasture across a swathe of land covering parts of the Tigray, Amhara, Oromia and Somali regional states.

The FAO estimated that the insects were eating 1.8 million tonnes of vegetation a day across 350 sq km (135 sq miles) of the country.

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If additional control measures fail then the locusts “could continue moving within Ethiopia and invade” north-eastern Kenya, parts of Eritrea, and Sudan’s southern coast, the FAO said.

The locusts are thought to have spread from Yemen three months ago.


This one will make your goose bumps have goose bumps.

OmniVision OV6948 is world's smallest camera
Spot the camera!
(Image credit: OmniVision)

A specialist medical camera that measures just 0.65 x 0.65 x 1.158mm has just entered the Guinness Book of Records. The size of the grain of sand, it is the camera’s tiny sensor that is actually being entered into the record book.


The OmniVision OV6948 is just 0.575 x 0.575 x 0.232mm and produces a 40,000-pixel color image using an RGB Bayer back-side-illuminated chip. Each photosite measures just 1.75 µm across.

The resolution may seem low, but the OVM6948-RALA camera is designed to fit down the smallest of veins in the human body giving surgeons views that will aid diagnosis and with surgical procedures. Previously the surgeon would carry out these operations blind, or use a much lower-resolution fibre optic feed.

Manufactured by California-based OmniVision Technologies Inc, the sensor captures its imagery at 30fps, and its analog output can be transmitted over distances of up to 4m with minimal noise. The camera unit offers a 120° super-wide angle of view – so something like a 14mm on a full-frame camera. It gives a depth of field range from 3mm to 30mm.

The sub-minature camera is designed to be disposable and is used with guidewires, catheters and endoscopes

The sub-minature camera is designed to be disposable and is used with guidewires, catheters and endoscopes

(Image credit: OmniVision)

These comparatively high-resolution images are said to be particularly useful in areas such as neurology, ophthalmology, ENT, cardiology, spinal injuries, urology, gynecology and arthroscopy. The low-power consumption of the camera means that less heat is generated, which allows for longer procedure duration and better patient comfort.


The controversial video has been circulating about how virgin Mary Mother of Jesus Christ appeared in the skies of Africa.

Credibility of any story shrinks significantly if the same story is aired in different versions. Truth has just a single version).

There are several sightings with similar upload. Kaduna Nigeria, subukia Kenya, ruaka etc.

On a phone call interview to the Shrine’s director, Father James Wanzala, we were informed that they did not receive any news of the sighting on the said day.

“We had a Catholic Men Association gathering over the weekend and there were many people here. There was however no sighting or reports of a sighting,” Father James said.

Asked if he had seen the video doing the rounds, the Father James chuckled to the affirmative.

“Yes. I have seen the video and I can assure you that it did not happen in this shrine. I even doubt it is from Kenya,” he adds.

Were there any sighting reported to them from Subukia on other occasions?

“There have been various versions of sightings on the Subukia Shrine hill, where there is the statue of Mary, but I have not personally experienced it,” the Father concludes.

So what is the video all about?

Turns out that the video is not a recent recording. It has been doing rounds on the internet for over 3 years.

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